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CompactPCI Serial/PlusIO

Today's users appreciate the modularity, robustness and economic efficiency of CompactPCI. Based on this established standard, CompactPCI Serial offers all these advantages plus fast serial data transfer, including a migration path.

In recent years, parallel PCI bus technology has more and more been complemented by fast serial point-to-point connections. Different interface standards are taking root, e.g. SATA or SAS, USB, Ethernet or PCI Express. The structure of computers is slowly changing from bus-based to a point-to-point star topology.

The Serial PCI conecpt includes 2 new technologies. CompactPCI PlusIO and CompactPCI Serial.

The rugged CompactPCI Serial/PlusIO products from MEN are especially suited for transportation and other mobile applications, e.g. for infotainment systems, as well as for mission-critical industrial systems.

CompactPCI PlusIO Intel & PowerPC SBCs

CompactPCI PlusIO complements the basic CompactPCI standard PICMG 2.0. It defines the pin assigment and the function of the user pins on the J2 connector for 32-bit system slots. CompactPCI PlusIO use...

CompactPCI Serial 3U Intel SBCs

CompactPCI serial is a new independent basic standard designated PICMG CPCI-s.0.. This standard introduces a completely new connector. This enables a much higher signal density and supports even highe...

PX1 - GNSS PCIe® Mini Card PX1

The PX1 is a PCI Express® Mini Card providing a GNSS receiver with GLONASS and GPS functionality. It supports active or passive antennas, which can be connected to an U.FL connector. The receive...


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